Unique and tailored business opportunities, targeting attractive risk-adjusted returns

Link Capital Partners’ leverages its ability to identify unique business opportunities to help our clients achieve outstanding risk-adjusted returns. We aim to differentiate by aligning ourselves with our clients through co-investments and fee competitive structures.

Today, Link Capital Partners’ Asset Management team has an average of 12 years of experience in structuring, financing, and execution of private markets investments. Our team offers best in class analysis and appraisal of the opportunities, as well as high level structuring capabilities to create value by delivering tailor-made solutions for attractive business opportunities.

We invest across the whole spectrum of private markets, with a strong focus on real estate, private debt, and infrastructure opportunities. We adapt the structure of these investments to the needs of our clients (and the nature of the deal) by using either regulated Public Funds, Private Funds or “Special Purpose Vehicles”.

We have extensive experience investing throughout the capital structure and target attractive risk-adjusted returns by focusing on investment opportunities where our team has a clear edge or where we can find the right operating partners to execute a value creation strategy.

Our Investments